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Sut i gefnogi eich plentyn / How to support your child?

Cymraeg Adref / Welsh at Home

Manteision Cymraeg (1)

Cymraeg Adref

Caneuon Canu a Gemau Bwrdd / Welsh Singing songs and Board Games

Caneuon Rhieni

Gemau Bwrdd Rhieni

Sut i ddefnyddio rhannau Hwb / How to use different parts of Hwb…

Linc defnyddiol ar gyfer defnydd dysgu o bell a chyfunol / Useful videos to show how to navigate HWB for distance learning

Ar gyfer pob oedran / Suitable for all year groups

Video – accessing work on Hwb – where to find the work

Video – how to share work on Hwb (take pictures and share)

Video – how to work on worksheets on J2E

Video – how to use J2 Message to communicate with teachers

Video – How to use Flipgrid on a desktop computer (FOR YEARS 4-6)

Video – How to use Flipgrid on an ipohne / ipad or tablet (FOR YEARS 4-6)

Video – How to access podcasts for children using the iphone Podcasts app and Spotify 



Sut i ddefnyddio / How to use … Microsoft TEAMS?

Microsoft Teams


Cwricwlwm Newydd 2022 / New Curriculum 2022